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Casey Byte Size Justice!

Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty; Opens Business

Is there an unwanted child in your life?  Consider giving recently acquitted Casey Anthony a call. Following the Not Guilty verdict pronounced in the trial of Casey Anthony, there has been much speculation about what comes next for the 25-year-old ex-mother from Florida.  Citing her lack of higher education, questionable choice in men, indeterminate ability [...]

coupons World

Cash-strapped al Qaeda Turns to Couponing

WASHINGTON – Pressured by an increased scrutiny of money sources and calculated strikes aimed at its financiers, al Qaeda’s core organization in Pakistan has turned to couponing to offset dwindling cash reserves, according to files retrieved from Osama bin Laden’s compound. Bin Laden’s theory that couponing could be used as an offset, suggests that their [...]

super8film Movies

Why Super 8 Is the Best Movie You Will See this Summer

In the field of movies suitable for adults with a child cast, the pickings are slim.  Really, you have to go back to the 80′s and 90′s – I’m thinking of films like “Goonies” and “Stand by Me” and “The Sandlot” – and I’m really hard-pressed to think of anything in the last ten years [...]

gaddafi-hip-hop Huh

Still Under Fire, Gaddafi Plans to Release Hip-Hop Song with Snoop Dog

Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi vowed Tuesday that “we will not surrender,” is both the name of his new hip-hop single, that he plans to release later his week, and his response to the continued NATO airstrikes bombing the shit out of his compound in Tripoli. Teaming up with various artists like Akon, lil Wayne, and [...]

(AP Photo/Harry Hamburg, File) Politics

Weinergate Continues: Rep. Weiner Claims Penis-mold Order Not His Either

Yesterday Rep. Weiner confessed to a series of absurd horny teenager activities, from sexting, to tweeting with several women sending lewd photos of himself to them.  We’ve just learned last night about yet another bizarre online indiscretion: A chocolate penis-mold kit arrived at his residence just last night.  After paying $30 bucks in Kohl’s Cash [...]

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