July 29, 2010


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Why, God?

Apparently, Hollywood even wants to cash in on the terrible parts of your childhood. You can bet I’ll be following this story very closely…

Sony Pictures CEO, Michael Lynton tells Hillel Italie of the Associated Press that a Xanadu remake/sequel “is imminent!”  Weeks after negotiating a deal with MGM/MCA, the currently struggling studio responsible for the original 1980 box office disaster, Sony leaked its plans to re-launch the title with a whole new hyper-stylized approach.

On Thursday afternoon, Sony’s Co-President of Theatrical Marketing Valerie Van Galder vaguely fielded a question regarding Lynton’s remark on Terry Gross’ Pop Culture Radio Show (Fresh Air) on KSOU:

“Since its underwhelming release, the title has garnered an undeniable cult following. Combine that with what we are able to visually achieve nowadays, and you have a potential lucrative franchise. We’ve already seen several outlines and we believe we have a strong script in the works.”

Later in the segment, Terry Gross mentioned that Peter Schink (Legion, Gotham Cafe) is rumored to be penning the script.

Xanadu originally starred Olivia Newton John, Michael Beck, and Gene Kelly. The film barely broke even at the box office. However, the film received many “Razzie” nominations. Director Robert Greenwald, had the honor of walking away with the very first ever Razzie in the category of Worst Director.

Won: Razzie Award for Worst Director (Robert Greenwald)
Nominated: Worst Picture
Nominated: Razzie Award for Worst Screenplay
Nominated: Worst Actor (Michael Beck)
Nominated: Razzie Award for Worst Actress (Olivia Newton-John)
Nominated: Razzie Award for Worst “Original” Song (“Suspended in Time”)
Nominated: Worst “Musical” of Our First 25 Years

Franchise? Really?

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  1. Edina Pondsoon

    Must Hollywood remake EVERYTHING???????????????????????????? The original is remembered fondly for the innocence of the time, good music, and flashy visuals. Please make Hollywood stop!

  2. Steven

    Normally I would agree that there are too many remakes, but with the original film enjoying such a cult following, it could be a good film.

    Having the background of mythological muses is a great part of the story, which could revolve around all of the muses, showing what each represents, thereby enhancing the sci-fi/fantasy elements. The finale would have them come together at ‘Xanadu’, which could be more than just a nightclub/rollerdisco.

    As Valerie Van Galder points out above, today’s visual techniques would make it better. I would also like to see the connection with the painter & the muse mural, which got lost in script rewrites with the original film.

    It would also be a great vehicle to launch a few unknowns in the 2 main characters & allow a veteran actor to play the Gene Kelley part.

    I say let’s give this remake a chance, provided it’s a better script than the original.

  3. Mark

    Please remake it and make it bigger and brighter! I actually admit that I like the movie and music!

  4. Jay Doom

    Who do you think will be in a re-make? I’ll tell you, Beyonce, Jay Z, and someone like Cedric the Entertainer in the Gene Kelly role, and it will be completely terrible.

  5. bill

    remake the shit out of that mother!
    I’ll sit front row center so i can lob tomatoes at the screen

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