August 25, 2010


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Written by: B-Lo Jackson
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tranny howser


As promised in the latest episode of our podcast, available here and here, here is the shocking photographic evidence that Tila Tequila is in fact, none other than my former lover, Neil Patrick Harris in drag! I can’t believe this!!!

Also, for those of you, and, yes, I’m looking at you, Mr. Danger, who have not heard Tila’s stellar vocal prowess and genius lyrical phrasing, here is her current single, I Fucked the DJ:

Gee, I wonder why those Jugaloo’s threw actual feces at her…


  1. I like how the beat is almost like a Britney song – but not quite.

    And her voice – is disgusting. And the lyrics make me gag.

  2. Du-Grey

    I just threw poop at my computer monitor.

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